Initial Appointment

If you are a new patient to us (or someone who we haven’t seen for over a year), we have to get to know a little bit about you & your feet.

The first thing we need to understand is why you need our help – is it that you have problems maintaining your feet, or is there something specific that you need help with? If we feel that we can’t help you with your problem, we will advise you straight away on where to go & who to see – without charging you a penny.

If we think we can help, with your Consent, we then need to run through your Medical History* to investigate whether you have any medical problems, or factors, that might impact your feet or our treatment. (*Please search for Consent & Medical History in the Blog section of this website)

Following this we will undertake a thorough assessment of your feet – even if you have nothing specifically wrong. The reason for this is twofold. Firstly just like a Dentist will check the mouth & neck of a patient, it is our role as Podiatrists to check your feet & lower limb for any potential problems. Secondly, our assessments (combined with your Medical History) inform us as to how we maintain your feet.

So once we have done all our observations & assessments, the final part is advising you on what we can do to help. If your need is straightforward, Foot Maintenance for example, we will undertake the initial treatment there & then, but if you need is something more involved, we will book you in with one of our Specialist Podiatrists for their expert help. (Note: If you need to see one of our Specialist Podiatrists, there is no charge for the Initial Appointment as it is incorporated in the Specialist Appointment fee).

The Initial Appointment lasts for 45 minutes & costs £45.

Follow-up Appointments

Foot Maintenance Appointment

Foot Maintenance is all about giving your feet a little TLC. After all, if your feet feel good, you feel good.

Following a quick check to see if your Medical History has changed since your Initial Appointment, we will then check your feet over & then advise you on what we can do to help. We will then carefully attend to your toenails making sure they are trimmed correctly (taking your personal foot mechanics, any presenting nail pathologies (problems) & any medical risk factors into consideration), making them as smooth & comfortable as possible. After this we will be attending to any hard skin you may have – such as corns, callus or heel cracks. The final (& the best) part of the Foot Maintenance appointment, is our trademark soothing foot massage, using one of our professional foot creams. It really is our aim to make you feel as though you are walking on air.

The Foot Maintenance appointment lasts approximately 30 minutes & costs £40.

Specialist Appointments

Musculoskeletal Appointment

Having something hurt anywhere is not very pleasant, but foot pain can have a drastic knock-on effect through the rest of the body. Even a humble, miniscule corn, if painful, can alter the walking (gait) pattern of its owner, adding undue stress to major lower limb joints.

Our Specialist Podiatrists are experts in Musculoskeletal analysis & it is their job is to investigate & interpret what is going on inside the foot.

When it comes to treatment, if it is something straightforward, they can often deal with it, there & then, but if it is more complex, they formulate a treatment plan, to help resolve your issue.

Prices discussed at the Initial Appointment.